4.1.c Cultivate…

…a supportive coaching culture that encourages educators and leaders to achieve a shared vision and individual goals.

There are quite a few educators who are either intimidated or overwhelmed by technology. The ones who are intimidated by technology are usually afraid to try it in their classroom. They ”latch” on to the one piece of software they are able to use and stick with it. The ones who are overwhelmed by technology have great intentions, but are not always ready to try something because it seems like ”too much.” This is where I see my role as a coach become so vital. What is key, is that I remember to recognize we all have different likes and dislikes, skills, and talents. I always want to be approachable as a coach and make sure I am perceived that way.

In a blog post titled, “Come Forward!”, I address how we sometimes view leaders in such a way that they seem unapproachable, not someone we can feel comfortable speaking to about issues. One of the great movies of all time, The Wizard of Oz, helped to inspire the title of the blog post because of how Dorothy and her friends act as they are approaching the wizard. His booming voice is definitely intimidating!

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