4.1.d Recognize…

…educators across the organization who use technology effectively to enable high-impact teaching and learning.

I think that we all enjoy a compliment every now and then, and we probably also like to be recognized for doing a good job on something. It is definitely true that some people probably like to “hog” the spotlight, and I am sure those people get their fair share of recognition. There are those, however, who simply appreciate someone patting them on the back and saying “job well done.” Either way, I see the importance of identifying when others are putting in the effort, especially when their efforts result in their success or maybe in the success of others.

As mentioned previously, it was this school year in which I was placed in a new role alongside my role as a classroom teacher: “technology integration leader.” I believe several factors came into play in administrators choosing me for this role, but one I believe helped in the decision-making was how well I use technology in the classroom to help improve my students’ learning. Now that I am in this role, and as I begin to coach others, I want to see more teachers recognized for their ability to use technology in teaching and learning. It will be through the celebrations and recognitions that teachers will see how they are capable of implementing new ways to improve their classrooms.

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