4.3.b Partner…

…with educators to identify digital learning content that is culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate and aligned to content standards.

I have always connected better with teenagers. My truer second language is sarcasm (HaHa!). I speak it well! I think it is because of that that I teach high school students over elementary students. If I say something sarcastically to an older student, they typically laugh because they know I am kidding. I am also more comfortable knowing what kind of content I should be teaching high school students, and what is developmentally appropriate. There is plenty of digital content out there for me to share with and use to coach elementary teachers, but exactly what kind of content and how it aligns with the standards is what makes great coaching relationships important.

In a post titled, ”Culturally Connected,” I touch on the importance of good content for learning, but also how important it is that the content is culturally relevant, especially when you live in a completely different culture than the one you grew up in (I am referring to myself living in China!).

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