4.3.c Partner…

…with educators to evaluate the efficacy of digital learning content and tools to inform procurement decisions and adoption.

So, truth be told, I simply hate to look at my phone and see little red numbers in the upper right corner of an app. I know it doesn’t really bother some people, but I must do whatever I need to do to get rid of any notifications when I am looking at my phone’s screen. Most of them are just notifications to let me know someone has replied to a text message, that my food is on the way, or someone has just posted a picture. There are some, though, that are letting me know that there is an update available. I pay more attention to those, especially updates for the phone’s software. There may be an update with extra security precautions being sent out—very important!

Just like updates are important on devices, staying on top of what digital learning tools are actually working for student success is also key. If something is not working, it needs to go away like a red number in the corner. Our school experienced this recently in English with vocabulary. The current method was Latin & Greek roots. Sounds great, but in actuality, students were simply memorizing the word and definition enough to get an A+ on the test. After that, they forgot most of the words. Membean is a good example of digital content we have just begun at our school. We received an email advertising a free trial for 6 weeks, which was great for allowing the teachers and students to see if this was any better than other tools. Being a vocabulary tool for students to learn more English words was enticing for all the English teachers, but once we saw an increase in learning from the students, we were sold. I won’t launch into a commercial for Membean, but teachers have been very impressed with how students are learning the words and not just memorizing them for a test.

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