4.4.a Collaborate…

…with educators to develop authentic, active learning experiences that foster student agency, deepen content mastery and allow students to demonstrate their competency.

Creators are amazing! Whether it’s an architect creating a new building, a painter creating a masterpiece from a blank canvas, or an author writing the next best-selling novel, I am in awe at what they create. I can imagine some really great things, except my hands don’t seem to want to create exactly what is in my head. Luckily, as an ed tech coach, most of the digital content has been created, or the hardware has already been developed. I just need to work with educators to create lessons that will allow students to show their creativity. In a blog titled, ”Custom Tailored Tech,” I discuss the importance of making sure the content we choose for students will help to meet them at their point of need while also allowing for some autonomy. Students are placed within the guideline of what software to use, but that software allows students to choose how they demonstrate understanding. Maybe they use collaboration software to present findings with a peer, or animation software to create examples of what they have learned. More specifically, in this blog, I talk about Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams and how it helps a student improve their reading skills yet allows students the freedom to be in their own home or in a separate room at school to practice reading.

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