4.4.b Help…

…educators use digital tools to create effective assessments that provide timely feedback and support personalized learning.

Earlier, I mentioned our school piloting Membean (link here), to help students with their vocabulary skills. For educators, a site like Membean offers assessments catered to each student based on the words they have been shown mastery of after multiple ”training” sessions. Their learning is personalized. The great thing about having these assessments built-in, they are auto-graded so the teacher only needs to look at the data to see if there is any other help needed by the student, or if teachers need to provide additional support.

It’s sites like this where, I would be excited to offer the teacher, who is wanting something digital, but doesn’t create extra work for them to do. On my ”to do” list for later is to curate a list of sites like Membean for those moments when an educator is wanting help finding something that will enhance student learning but does not require a lot of extra work or training on the teacher’s part.

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