4.4.c Collaborate…

…with educators to design accessible and active digital learning environments that accommodate learner variability.

One of the simplest ways to help various learners is through the multiple formative assessments available through presentation software. Throughout my time studying to become a digital education leader, I have found multiple software teachers can use while giving a slides presentation to help with the different learners in the class. I really like Pear Deck because of the multiple ways to formally assess the students (even in a music class), simply by adding the app to PowerPoint. Pear Deck also integrates well with Microsoft Teams which can be very valuable in an e-learning situation.

In a setting like mine (an international school) where there are students who speak a different language when they aren’t speaking English, I appreciate the addition of PowerPoint live and accomodating students by allowing them to choose the language they would like to hear the presentation spoken. This can be important for the teacher who may be trying to teach the students a new concept and the teacher does not have a lot of time to spend trying to introduce something in the person’s native language. For example, allowing students to be introduced to new math terms in their native tongue can help tremendously before teaching the same terms in another language. PowerPoint Live is a great digital tool able to address these needs.

It’s simple, yet effective software such as these that I, in a coaching situation, see a way to break through some of the intimidation a teacher feels at trying to use technology in their classroom.

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