4.6.a Assist…

…educators and leaders in securely collecting and analyzing student data.

Before I was a teacher, I always seemed to associate data with statistics. I hate statistics! I struggled to pass it in college, and still shiver at the thought of statistical analysis. When I became a teacher, though, I realized that data does not have to be like a statistics course. As the school year started and students began learning new material, I gave them short ”tests” online I could collect and use to inform my teaching. The data generated was presented as a colored bar graph going from red to green based on how high students scored. It also generated a list of the questions answered incorrectly so I could reteach material if I needed to.

I understand the importance of data—data from surveys that tell the climate of the school, or data that tells the academic level of different grades. As part of the team that helps administer surveys, the need for helping analyze all the information is vital to move the school towards setting goals. It is also important for holding ourselves accountable to our stakeholders—those who provide for our students in some way and help keep the school moving in the right direction.

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