4.7.b Partner…

…with educators, leaders, students and families to foster a culture of respectful online interactions and a healthy balance in their use of technology.

In this 21st century of life, we all interact with our devices, not just daily, but hourly. If we aren’t checking our smartphone for various reasons, we are on a tablet, or a laptop typing out something or watching a movie. I am probably the guiltiest one when it comes to being on a device. I just like it. I like to game. I like to read (on a device, not a physical book), and the list goes on and on. Yet, I recognize the importance of balancing the use of technology with just being with people, or getting out of the house to enjoy the outdoors with someone. In the post titled, ”Face It,” I talk about how important it is to maintain that healthy balance.

Coinciding with this standard, I also created a blog post where I talked about ”respectful interactions” with others online and included a trailer to a documentary about people whose lives were almost totally ruined because of the hate they received for saying something online. That post was titled, ”Can I Speak Freely?”

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